A&R ​Reimagined​​​

Our Story

At Andrson, we believe that musicians should be discovered by those who want to see them.

Discovering that fresh new sound for your roster, and getting your music monetised has never been easier.
We are a global platform for undiscovered musicians, a virtual playground where
musicians publish their work with direct contact to industry professionals.

Andrson uses cutting edge analytics and our own audio AI that enables labels, managers,
and agents to discover the unsung artists that deserve to be heard. We enable rapid
Discovery of musicians whose sound fills the empty space on the industry roster. No more
digital trolling.

We’re artists first and businesspeople second. To that mind, Andrson is designed by
musicians for musicians. We want great artists to thrive: Andrson is here to help.

We're the answer to monetising new music. So join us. It's time to play.
The Problem​
​​  Every year, thousands of artists publish their music only to be lost in the digital void.​
They’re being left unfound and unfairly unrepresented.
This isn't a problem of talent, though, it's an issue of discovery. 

Andrson is the answer to that discovery. 

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Who We Help

Join a network of musicians, industry executives, and fans ready to
discover -- and capitalise on -- undiscovered talent. 


As members of Andrson, musicians can collaborate and have unrestricted access to record labels, managers, agents, and bookers. 

Need a bassist? Come find one based on proximity, style, and goals. 

Looking for a label? Get exposure to the best in the business.


Think that unsung artists deserve to be heard loud and clear?

Want to discover fresh new talent and brag about being the first fan? 

Join us. It's time to play.


Industry executive looking for the next big thing?

Tired of spending hours clicking through profiles? 

Want a bespoke, real time portfolio of artists that fill the empty space on your roster? 

We're the app for that.

How We Do It
Direct Industry Exposure
Through bespoke discovery, you get seen – worldwide – by the insiders who want to see you, and who you want to be seen by.

We create a global network of players and allow the music to shine through the noise.
Content customisation
Upload the native content you
want people to hear. No middle
men or profile minimum.
Profitable Music Discovery
Companies discover new artists fast, which means greater and faster revenue. For the artist, higher royalties than the standard streaming services provide you with more money per play.